Syftet med Helm’s Deep

Det låter som om det är hämtat ur Tolkiens sagovärld, men det är ändå på riktigt. Detta är syftet med bloggen Helm’s Deep:

Helm’s Deep aims to support Reformed theology, often using philosophical resources. Within this general aim, there are some additional emphases. One is to stress the place that natural religion and natural law has had in that theology. This was largely eclipsed in the 20th century by Karl Barth’s strong denial of natural theology, and the Kuyperian influence, expressed by Van Til and others, which affirmed the so-called ‘dualism’ of nature and grace. It was misguidedly claimed that an appeal to natural law is inevitably Pelagian in its tendency. The other aim is to express the conviction (also largely eclipsed at present) that Reformed theology is ‘catholic’ theology; it is not sectarian, but builds on the patristic and medieval outlooks.

Finns det fler än jag som inte kan låta bli att tycka detta är intressant!?

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